NOVEMBER 16, 2021

·Written by Stephanie Powers

When clients reach out to ask me skin questions I always ask for two things: send me pics of your skin in front of a window and a pic of every product that touches your face. Why? A clients interpretation of what their skin is doing often has nothing to do with what’s actually happening, and the issue is often them deviating from their routine/ lifestyle changes by not following directions completely, adding in other products that aren’t appropriate, or cherry picking only some of the recommended products. Essentially, the real problem is compliance.

When I initially consult with prospective clients and explain that compliance is the number one reason that people don’t get results, more often than not they assure me that they will absolutely be compliant. However, shortly after they learn about what it actually takes to command an organ like the skin to turn back the clock and repair damage, it is easier said than done. Compliance is easy when in imaginary scenarios…

Just not with sunscreen reapplications. 

And not with using retinol when it makes them dry or breakout (temporarily). 

And not with using the correct amount because it’s expensive. 

And not with coming back on time because they don’t want to skip a weekend on the boat.

And not when you’re too tired to do your nighttime skincare routine.

And not when it’s inconvenient to avoid triggers.

And so it goes… 

I wish there were a way around the work, but this is the truth:

There is no perfect product. There’s no perfect routine. There’s no shortcut. 

Life tends to go like that.

Here’s what you can control:

If you hire a professional then listen to that professional and tune out the noise surrounding you. You’ll be way more successful with reaching your skin goals and will effectively eliminate 90% of your skin drama. 

Don’t listen to the people who say not to exfoliate or use your retinol – they aren’t treating you. 

Don’t listen to the people who say derms work for big pharma – they aren’t experts. 

Don’t listen to the people who are selling you solutions without a consultation- generalized advice isn’t as valuable as professional and personalized advice.

The reason why skincare works is the same reason I don’t take credit for my clients results:

Most of their results are dependent on making a real commitment to their skin health, and the effort they put into creating healthy skin habits.

Just like a personal trainer, I can only give my clients a plan but it’s up to them to follow it.

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See you in the treatment room!



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