Sadly but truly, the skin on our bodies often gets put on the back-burner compared to our faces. This may not seem like a pressing matter now, but cumulative damage to the skin on our bodies quickly adds up and we’re left with a stark contrast in complexion. This shows up as a neck, chest, and body that present much more aged than the face. Think sun spots, irregular tone, crepey, leathery or lax skin. This is why it’s wise to plan ahead and ensure that all of your skin is paid equal attention in order to maintain healthy skin all over.

How Should I Care For The Skin on My Body?

The skin on your body should be treated more or less the same way that you treat the skin on your face. We want to maintain integrity of the skin and our collagen, and prevent damage. Some general guidelines include;

  • Cleanse with a gentle body wash daily
  • Cleanse your neck, chest, and ears when cleansing your face
  • Exfoliate regularly – This varies (depending on what your skin can tolerate). I love a gentle daily physical exfoliation using the Supracor Bath Mitt
  • Maintain hydration by avoiding excessively hot showers
  • Moisturize daily using quality products
  • Use antioxidants and vitamins a, c, e to neutralize free radicals, increase collagen production and even tone
  • Bring facial products all the way down to your neck (front and back), chest, and ears
  • Protect with SPF daily and reapply – *The adequate dose of SPF for the body is at least a full shot glass worth
  • Avoid excessive light exposure by seeking shade during peak sunlight hours (10am-3pm) and wearing UPF clothing
  • Avoid inflammatory factors and habits like alcohol, sugar, etc. and get regular sleep and exercise.

Although investing in skincare for your whole body may seem steep up front, it will more than pay off long-term. Treating damage on the body can be costly and uncomfortable, depending on the amount of damage accrued and your skin goals. This is exactly why I recommend UPF clothing to all of my clients, it’s the best foolproof way to protect yourself and requires no effort.

Treatment Options

Thankfully, we have a range of treatment options that can correct and maintain healthy skin. The treatments and plan varies depending on concerns, area of the body, age, skin health, etc. With these treatments we can address pigmentation concerns, skin laxity, strengthen collagen, firm and tone. Some treatment options include:

  • IPL Photofacials/Upper Body IPL
  • Radio Frequency Microneedling & Tempsure RF
  • Microneedling
  • Chemical Peels and Exfoliation
  • CO2 & Laser Resurfacing
  • Surgical Solutions

Wether you’re looking for preventative or corrective body care, working with a professional is the best way to stay on track. Stay tuned for the next blog post, where I’ll share some of my favorite body skincare products.

XO, Kristen


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