If you have acne-prone or sensitive skin, you know the struggle is real. Breakouts, redness, and irritation can take a toll. But there is hope. At Sapien Skin, our master estheticians with over a decade of expertise combined provide personalized facials and treatments to meet your unique skincare needs.


Our Customized Treatment Facials Bring Relief for Acne Prone Skin

Our skilled estheticians create customized facials to address acne and sensitivity. Gentle LED light therapy reduces bacteria and inflammation. Controlled extractions remove congestion from pores to prevent future breakouts. Optional dermaplaning exfoliates away dead skin cells and peach fuzz trapping oils and bacteria. Specific chemical peels regulate oil and renew skin cells. Every part of our facials works in harmony to soothe and restore acne-prone complexions.


Hydrafacials Deeply Cleanse and Refresh

Hydrafacials take your skincare to the next level. Ideal for congested, dry skin, this treatment deeply cleanses pores and accelerates cell turnover. Chemical exfoliants and a custom peel target active breakouts while hydrators and antioxidants nourish skin. You’ll see reduced breakouts and pores along with a radiant glow.


Advanced Peels Target Acne and Scarring

Our medical-grade peels are game changers for acne concerns. Formulated with AHAs, BHAs, and PHAs, these peels exfoliate away dead skin cells, oil, and bacteria. Light peels refresh skin while medium-depth peels combat stubborn breakouts and scarring. We’ll create a tailored peeling schedule to meet your unique needs.


IPL Photofacials Erase Acne Discoloration

IPL photofacials use light energy to reduce acne inflammation and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or erythema (aka PIH and PIE). Acne bacteria are destroyed while red and brown marks fade away. Fair to medium skin tones will see a reduction in active breakouts, smoother texture, and brighter tone over a series of treatments.


Experience Tailored Skincare with Sapien Skin and Beauty

Don’t go through a struggle with acne and sensitivity alone. Our estheticians offer personalized care and advanced treatments to get your skin healthy while being by your side throughout your skincare journey. With Treatment Facials, Hydrafacial MD Deluxe, Advanced Peels, and IPL Photofacials, we’ll create a plan to suit your skin goals. Book your consultation now to start your journey towards clear, calm, and confident skin. If you’re a skincare enthusiast and eager to learn more, click here to read all the details on our facial treatments for acne prone babes. 


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