Things to note

  • Please visit this website to update your card on file.
  • Our software doesn’t support rescheduling, so simply cancel and schedule again.
  • If you schedule a service that requires a consultation, you must complete the consultation prior to scheduling your service. Unauthorized appointments will be canceled.
  • All clients are required to create an account and all accounts require a credit card on file.
  • Gift cards are not transferrable and nonrefundable, so please make sure you are purchasing service gift cards through Vagaro and product gift cards through Shopify.
  • Sapien utilizes automation to help pay living wages. Please be mindful when contacting us.

Appointment rules

  • Please follow all covid safety mandates 7-10 days before facial appointments
  • Whenever possible, SELECT THE FIRST OR LAST AVAILABLE TIMES to optimize online booking. For example, if available times are 3:15, 3:30 & 3:45, don’t select 3:30. Your mindfulness is appreciated.
  • Respect our cancellation policy- we do not make exceptions.
  1. A major credit card is required to book your reservation. Arriving later than 20% of your appointment time will be considered a late cancellation, and you will be charged for the full service.
  2. If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment for any reason, no exceptions will be made, you must provide a minimum notice of 48 hours to avoid being charged 50% of your service.
  3. Cancellations 24 hours prior will be charged in full appointment. (cap at $500)
  • All Last Minute Appointments Requests Are Assumed Confirmed. Please text 206-698-2431 to contact us urgently. We will respond 10-7.

How to Book an Appointment

1. Enter the name of the business in the search box once you access your account. Then, select the business when it appears below. This action takes you directly to the business’s booking page. 

How to book an appointment

2. Click Book Now to book a class or service. Select the Staff tab to book an instructor or service provider. 

how to book an appointment

3. You also can purchase gift cards, memberships, packages, and products. Just select the appropriate option. 

how to book an appointment

 4) Fill out all forms and sign waivers every time you come in.

consent forms

5) You have an option to write a special request/comment, or you can text 206-698-2431 to contact the spa directly.

how to book an appointment

6) Click the Request button below when you are finished reviewing the appointment details. You will be required to enter your payment information if you see a Book button as opposed to a Request button.Click Close once you are finished reviewing the message. 


If you still have questions about how to book an appointment please text the spa at (206) 698-2431.