Hydrocolloid Acne Patches: Your Best Friend for Healing Breakouts


When a red, angry pimple pops up unexpectedly, it can be incredibly frustrating and make you want to go hard with active products or exfoliants until it goes away. However, with the right products and care, you can speed up the healing process and recover quickly without causing unnecessary damage. Hydrocolloid acne patches are one of the most effective solutions for healing breakouts fast. With their ability to absorb fluid aka edema, protect the blemish, and accelerate healing, hydrocolloid patches should be your go-to for any surprise zits.


What’s the first thing you do when a painful pimple surfaces on your chin or forehead? It’s tempting to pick at it, put toothpaste on it, or slather it in drying spot treatments. However, these at-home remedies often do more harm than good. When you have a breakout, it’s important to stick to your normal skincare routine. Consistency is key to maintain your skin’s balance and prevent future breakouts. Continue cleansing, toning, applying serums, moisturizing, and applying sunscreen as usual. The only extra step is to apply a hydrocolloid patch to the blemish.


Hydrocolloid patches provide a protective barrier over the breakout to promote healing. Acne patches are made of a hydrocolloid gel that contains a polymer blend. This gel forms a moist healing environment over the blemish that absorbs fluid and debris inside the zit. This helps heal the pimple while keeping bacteria out. Hydrocolloid also restricts oxygen flow to the area. Since bacteria need oxygen to multiply, this oxygen deprivation helps kill bacteria and reduces inflammation and redness. The patch seals in healing ingredients from your other products over the breakout. Overall, hydrocolloid patches accelerate healing by absorbing gunk, protecting bacteria out, restricting oxygen, and sealing in moisture and treatments.


In addition to their healing abilities, hydrocolloid patches also prevent you from touching or picking at the pimple. We’ve all been guilty of trying to pop a zit when we know we shouldn’t. However, this can lead to infection, scarring, and spreading bacteria. The patch prevents picking and reduces inflammation from hands touching the sensitive skin. Hydrocolloid also provides a protective cover so makeup and dirt don’t clog the pores further. Simply put on a patch and resist the urge to pick – the patch does the healing for you!


With all these benefits, hydrocolloid acne patches are clearly a breakout’s best friend. But with so many options out there, how do you choose the right patch for your blemish? Hero Cosmetics offers an amazing line of hydrocolloid patches to meet every breakout’s needs.


For small single pimples, Hero Cosmetics Original Patches or Mighty Patch Invisible are ideal.  The larger rectangular Surface Patch shapes work great for the chin, cheeks, and forehead. For a zit on the side of the nose or other curved areas, Chin or Nose Mighty Patches conform nicely to curves. For a cluster of smaller pimples, the Mighty Patch Variety Pack has different shaped patches to tackle each one. Face, Chin, or Surface Patches cover bigger blemishes or multiple whiteheads.

If the breakout is cystic, painful, under the skin, or if you feel a pimple coming in, Mighty Patch Micropoint for Blemishes is the go-to. It contains microneedles that deliver acne-fighting ingredients deep into the blemish. The tiny needles also create microperforations in the skin allowing fluid to be drawn out. Micropoint’s salicylic acid absorb gunk, reduce redness and inflammation, and speed up recovery.


For stubborn cystic acne or dark acne scars, Mighty Patch Micropoint for Dark Spots fades post-acne marks. These contain niacinamide and tranexamic to brighten pigmentation and even tone. 


Whichever hydrocolloid patch you choose, it’s important to remove it properly. Never peel off a dry patch as this can tear freshly healed skin and undo your patch’s hard work! Instead, let the patch get wet while cleansing in the shower under running water. Let the patch become slippery and waterlogged, then it will slide off without disrupting healing. Cleanse off any remaining adhesive.


Reach for a hydrocolloid patch next time a surprise pimple pops up. Hero Cosmetics offers a versatile line of acne patches to meet every breakout’s needs. Hydrocolloid heals blemishes fast by absorbing gunk, protecting from bacteria, reducing inflammation, and sealing in moisture and treatments. Stick to your normal routine and let the patch accelerate healing instead of picking. Remove patches properly by waterlogging instead of peeling. With hydrocolloid acne patches as your new go-to, you can quickly knock out breakouts and get back to glowing skin! However, if you need help adjusting your skincare routine or want guidance on preventing acne, click here to book an appointment with an esthetician. Together, you can get your breakouts under control.


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XOXO, Sapien Babes

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