You know we LOVE our sunscreen at Sapien. However, as bonafide skin care junkies, we also can’t be asked to live without retinol, antioxidants, cleanser, moisturizer, and exfoliation. These are key products that almost always must be accounted for in order to have a comprehensive routine that will harmoniously cleanse, protect, heal, hydrate, renew, and nourish our skin.

It’s important to note that selecting your own routine, cherry picking your routine, not using professional products, using products with zero or low efficacy, or skipping your routine altogether will not generate results. Depending on what you’re using and where your skin is at, sometimes this can even make situations worse.

The answer to most skin related questions is, “well that depends,” because there are a multitude of factors coming into play.

In order to create results we must master the art of daily skin care at home. 

Our skin  almost instantaneously reflects back to us our actions and our environment because it takes on the most damage, and receives the least support from our body while being our largest organ, and also a protective barrier from our surroundings. This incredible organ is a real time mirror, and needs support from all of our other systems in order to function optimally. 

Our skin continues to improve the most with daily care because that is simply what it requires. Continually protecting your skin from light (aka radiation), supplementing topically with daily vitamins, antioxidants and moisture, as well as removing debris and build up has the most meaningful impact on our skin. Skipping one day of your routine, or just one sunscreen application, can set you back.

Everyone wants one product and one treatment, but that does not exist. In order to create results, we must diligently follow the instructions provided by our skincare professional on a daily basis. Home-care (especially sunscreen) is where the bulk of your results will come from because or skin requires consistent daily support.

Coming to monthly treatments alone will get you no where, and you may not be eligible for most regenerative skincare treatments without proper use of home-care. This isn’t to gate keep or to up-sell you, but to keep you and your skin safe and healthy. Once you have mastered home-care and are also incorporating treatments and practicing a healthy lifestyle, that’s when exciting physical changes start to happen.

It’s a marathon, not a race. You got this babe.

With Love,


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